Impacts of Land Certification on Tenure, Security, Investment, and Land Markets: Evidence from Ethiopia

While early attempts at land titling in Africa were often unsuccessful, the need to secure land rights has kindled renewed interest, in view of increased demand for land, a range of individual and communal rights available under new laws, and reduced costs from combining information technology with participatory methods. We used a difference-in-difference approach to assess the effects of a low-cost land registration program in Ethiopia, which covered some 20 million plots over five years, on investment. Despite policy constraints, the program increased land-related investment and yielded benefits significantly above the cost of implementation.

Deininger, Ali and Alemu (2009)



Rural: East Gojjam zone of the Amhara region.Difference in differences estimation using four rounds of panel survey data spanning 8 years.Low-cost land registration scheme covering 20 million plots over 5 years.Significant positive effect on the three outcomes examined: i.e., perceived tenure security, land-related investments and participation in land rental markets. plots owned by households from 7 villages in 3 districts.